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Privacy Policy

Magical Kingdom endeavours to provide a Safe Surfing and family friendly Environment for you and your family. We therefore, endeavour to safeguard your personal information. We do not sell, share, or make any of your information available publicly intentionally.


We are currently operating a membership only forum with chat rooms facilities, i.e. free entry for everyone going through a simple registration procedure and using User ID and Password for their subsequent entry.

We however:

  • do not post regular newsletter e-mail,
  • do not post any automatic-generated e-mail,
  • do not make any e-mail address available to any third parties.
  • do not publish your e-mail address on our Web pages.

We emphatically advice children for participating in any net activities such as chatlines & Message Forums not to disclose any unnecessary personal information. If you enter your real name & E-mail address in our Chat room or Message Forum you will be publishing your personal information.

For more information, see: Parents' Information & Children's Information pages.


We are hosting advertising banners for advertising agencies or individual companies. These may appear as text links, video clips, banners, buttons, interactive media, integrated gift services, digital cash, digital gift certificates, or otherwise. Tracking information may be collected via the use of cookies from these advertisements. We may embed advertisements in any of our web pages as well as emails and newsletters. The privacy policy of these advertisements belongs to the individual advertising agency and its associates.

The merchandise and services available from these links are offered by independent companies which have no association with Magical Kingdom in anyway. Magical Kingdom do not in any way represent their value, quality, workmanship, reliability, safety and appropriateness of the merchandise and services of the original advertising companies. Magical Kingdom is not liable for reimbursing or compensating you for any losses you may incur as a result of money transactions with these advertising companies. You are advised to exercise your discretion when dealing with these companies online.

Traffic Monitoring

We are currently using a traffic monitoring service from Google Analytics by which anonymous data are collected through the use of cookies. The privacy policy of Google.com can be read at Google.com.


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